Disruptive Education

How to change the future without educating it? This is our way of thinking. The only way to shape the future of the creative industries is through education and a new format of teaching and creative thinking about the present to prepare the future. Our mission of education is to break with traditional thinking and build the future by uniting innovation, creative technologies and arts all in one. From Course Curation, MasterClasses, Workshops, Mentoring or being present at internationally recognized events, our mission is to provide a more disruptive education focus on the potencial of the creative industries.

Course Curation is one of the services we provide within the field of Education. As an example of our work, we developed in partnership with POLIMODA a master's degree focused on Digital Fashion. The aim is to respond to education gaps and offer students the best and most innovative learning program.

Our MasterClasses claim to be completely unique. In just a few minutes or short hours we were able to transport our listeners to another universe. Some of the MasterClasses we developed for some customers were focused on the Future of Fashion, What to wear on Mars or how technology can and should revolutionize the creative industry.

We look at the workshops as a possibility for our customers to put into practice everything we teach. Our workshops focus mainly on the numerous functionalities of technology in the fashion industry. We are focused on teaching in a practical way how Fashion Tech and Smart Textiles represent the future and are just a few moments away from reinventing all production systems and processes.

Perhaps one of our favorite parts within Education is the possibility of mentoring the most incredible, innovative and fascinating projects ever. In our mentoring programs, we are always in the best interest to help our mentors find their way to success and thrive in the market as they should!

Over 5 years in the market we were invited to speak at the best and most incredible events worldwide. Since WebSummit, Ted Talks among many others, our goal is to spread the need to rethink and shape the future of the creative industries connecting innovation, technology and the arts all over the world.