Trend Reports

The Future of Luxury Fashion Retail Report

What is the future of luxury fashion retail? Here at TPH, we have always been focused on building and rethinking the future, especially in the fashion tech and smart textiles industry. Now the time has come to write and design the future of luxury fashion retail.

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The State of Presence Report

In times of uncertainty, we need to stay aware of the present. Aiming to better understand what is happening now in order to anticipate future behaviour, we interviewed people from different disciplines, who have innovative and entrepreneurial spirits, to learn about how they are dealing with the present crisis, and how they are adapting to face the future.

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The Fashion Future& Mobility Trend Report

The Fashion Future and Mobility Trend Report is a look into how mobility and technology have changed fashion in the past and is also a deep-dive into how we believe mobility and technology will shape the future of fashion.

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