Strategic Innovation

In Strategic Innovation, we have the mission of helping and advising all those who wish to follow the changes in the creative industry and be successful. We offer services from, Strategy Consulting, Policy Adviser, EU Funded Projects among many others. Our main objective is to help companies and startups to lead and increase their success in the creative community.

We provide Strategy Consulting due to our vast knowledge of the creative industry with the aim of helping businesses, projects and innovative ideas to thrive in the technological age and to combine the world of arts with the potential of technology and digital tools, adopting the best and most intelligent practices in the market.

We help and advise agencies, public institutions or brilliant projects that wish to develop strategies to unlock the potential and opportunities in the community and market of the creative industry. We have already been present at European Union events, roundtables and conferences several times where we help how to evolve and innovate in a political way the creative sector.

Last, but not least, we help companies, startups, projects or just ideas to compete for funded projects, both in Europe and around the world. Our aim is to help dissolve culture and allow the evolution of the artistic and creative industry.