>>Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.<< — Bill Cunningham


Designer in Residence Program

With our designer and technologist in residence program we provide young aspiring creatives from all over the world with the mentorship, space, materials and machines they need, to shape the future of FashionTech. Check out there work here.


Telekom FashionFusion Program

Together with Deutsche Telekom, we have curated FashionFusion, an innovative european-wide program that allows fashion tech designers to turn their visionary concepts into real products. Read more about our work here.


Collaborations for success.

Together we’re stronger. From 2015 to 2017 we curated the wearable tech space for FashionTechBerlin by Premium Group and supported the immense growth and awareness of the fashion industry. Are you looking for curating and runway services?  Just drop us a line here.



We’re proud members of FabLab Berlin  where we’re hanging out with like-minded people and sharing our support. Are you looking to expand your network? We’re always open for new partnerships and can team you up with new industries. Just drop us a line and say hello.


Our collections

TOGETHER WE’RE STRONGER. Collaborations are the key to success in this new industry of wearable technology and fashiontech. We not only develop concepts for the future – we actually build them for real. Check out our huge collection of innovative designs here.

ElektroCouture_Open Studio-16

Latest Projects

STAY AHEAD OF THE CROWD. Find all our latest news and releases in our stories blog. We’re active all over the world and you can always meet us at events. And while you’re there, check out our customers stories and projects and future innovation concepts.

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