The Lab

Here Scientists and Designers Co-Create, to build a platform for science and story-telling through fashion. This way we achieve two goals:

1. To change cultural perception of bacteria, mushrooms, algae and any other bio-agent to promote the idea of sustainability through bio-mimicry/bio-hacking for garments.

2. To Innovate and develop ideas for new materials, interactivity and life-cycles for clothing.


Kombucha to leather: The K-LAPSE

For one of our first Bio-Tech Fashion project we use the power of Kombucha tea to design a more suistanable, biodegradable and suffer free alternative to leather.

You can see the amazing result in the picture of the dress K-LAPSE above. Get more information here!

See all of our sophisticated fashion pieces in our collections!



Although the origin of kombucha is uncertain, one theory is that it originated in what is now Manchuria around 220 BCE, and is said to have been imported to Japan around 400 CE by the physician Kombu.

Finally in 2014, the first clothing collection made entirely out of kombucha textile was debuted at the Sacramento Fashion Week.

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