With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is no longer the same. Retail is no longer the same. And without a doubt, the consumer is no longer the same.

That is why ThePowerHouse is committed to understanding and designing the future of luxury fashion retail and consumer experiences. There are many questions that deserve to be answered.

Is physical retail dying? How can and how should online shopping revolutionize retail with each passing day? These are some of the questions that the research will answer along with the need to verify the trends of luxury fashion retail and rethink the format, function, and role of the stores of the future.

In this trend report, we will collaborate with top retail professionals as well as brilliant minds who devote their lives to breaking traditional thinking and revolutionizing the fashion industry so that we can write about and understand the trends and the future of luxury fashion retail in this new, crazy, and unpredictable world.

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