Meet Sara Teixeira

Sara Teixeira is a young Portuguese woman who was born to do great things. With big dreams, her greatest passion in the area of marketing is to study consumer behavior and future market trends. She considers herself a person of the present, with her mind on the future. Sara has a master's degree in Marketing Management and a specialized thesis on Innovation and the Future of Luxury Fashion Retail.

With her mind always focused on the future, Sara is passionate about everything related to innovation, consumers, technology, trends and the fashion industry.

At just 22 years old Sara was already invited to an interview for Portuguese national television about retail trends as well as being invited to write for some online magazines on the topic of trends and share her critical and reflective thinking about the future that lies ahead.

Some of Sara speaking topics include but are not limited to:

- Future Trends

- Fashion Industry

- Retail Innovation

- Luxury

- Consumer Behaviour

To book Sara for a speaking engagement or workshop, please send an email to

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