About This Project

A Fashion “Statement” with Technology

A few years back, no one would have thought about blending technology and fashion seamlessly, but we have achieved the feat wonderfully with this beautiful piece anyone would be proud to own.


Take a look:

This classic design is aimed at making a “Statement”, which is also the name of this eye-catching and attractive creation.

Embossed with the ElektroCouture logo in white, against a black base is an extremely bold amalgamation of trademark and style.

Made with premium quality material that is long-lasting and doesn’t tear or snag even after continuous use.

The glowing light strips that run haphazardly – through the body or at the edges – add magnificently to the aesthetic appeal of the scarf with their illumination.

Elaborately woven, you can see this garment speaks volumes about superior workmanship and talent.

It incorporates a warm antiquated look with a rustic, contemporary style – electronic wearable technology was never so trendy!

The fabric is soft and comfortable – you can wear the scarf for hours without feeling the least bit of unease.
Made in Germany, 80% Merino Wool.

Washable garment lets you maintain it well – occasional cleaning will suffice.

Extremely convenient – there are a simple “on” and “off” switches located in the corners of the scarf. When you see the lights getting dimmer, simply hook it up to a port, and recharge till the bright glow is restored.
Average glowing time: 4-6 hours. Charging time: approx. 1hr

Is the glow from the lights diminishing slightly? No problem! Simply plug in a USB charger for recharging purposes.

Flaunt it any way you like – wrap around the neck, hang it loose, or bunch it up just below the neck region.

This can be an excellent gift item as well – your choice is bound to be greatly appreciated.

The scarf can blend in with most shades and hues, or form beautiful contrasts – either way you make heads turn and get showered with compliments. Rest assured others will soon emulate your sense of fashion.






Knitwear // EL Wire // Smart battery

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