Rainbow Sparkles

About This Project

Level 1

The concept for the jacket started during a TrafoPop workshop early 2014 in Berlin, and evolved from there.

Our founder Lisa Lang has been mentoring TrafoPop during it’s early days and also support their Wear.IT events from the beginning. 

TrafoPop is known for its bicycle denim jacket with lots of neon print and even more LEDs. With the ElektroCouture Jacket we wanted to give the TrafoPop concept a bit of a fashion twist – with using a vintage black and white plague jacket rather the standard denim material.

The Jacket contains 36 RGB cold LEDs, 15 metre cable powered by a standard USB charger.

Level 2

The next step was the idea to make this jacket interactive. Since this jacket has travelled all across the world, the implementation of a wifi spot wouldn’t have been useful so we decided to implement a Twilio API application.

Thanks to the Twilio API and the support of interactive artist Felix Bonowski, the jacket now has multiple phone numbers assigned. Via text message can the LEDs be triggered to change colours and effects. For instance a message containing ‘#blue #sparkle’ will make the LEDs in the back of the jacket turn into a blue sparkle effect. The most popular effect however is #rainbow – a random algorithm rainbow effect developed by the Stefan for TrafoPop.

You can download the source code (on creative commons licence) of the project on our GitHub page. If you’re interested in a commercial collaboration with interactive light, feel free to contact us.


Rainbow Sparkles


Twilio + TrafoPop


LED // API // GSM Module

Collections, ElektroCouture

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