ElektroScarves – Blue&Orange

About This Project

When we met Viktoria Pawlik from the Electronic Textile Institute Berlin (ETIB), she opened our eyes to the new possibilities around knitting technologies. ETIB restored meticulously and with a lot of love old industrial knitting machines which otherwise would have ended up in the skip. Step by step these machines came back to live – and even more, received a little but powerful update: hacked with Arduinos, ETIB transferred them into the digital age. Now we can use the machines like printers – create your design und the machines ‘knit prints’ the pattern. Completly inspired buy these new opportunities, we teamed up with ETIB for our ElektroScarve collection.

Level Blue

The first idea for the blue level came – where else – at 4am in the morning at a hackathon. There was a chat about the recent Tron movie and DaftPunk. We watched and listened nothing else for days while we designed our first level: Blue. Inspired by the clear lines of TRON and previous experiments with EL Wire, we created a wearable concept which delivers on high quality fabric and highest wearing comfort as well as noticeable but delicate light effects.

Level orange

More out of a design play day with our logo we created a new design for a second scarve edition. This time we wanted a bold, bright but sophisticated design. One of our challenges until then was the current battery supply and inverter technology. Until then EL wire weren’t designed for mobile or wearable use. Since there was no other alternative available, we started to prototype new battery systems which also improve the usability of the electronic devices.

With the orange level we were able to introduce a very light-weight and thin wearable battery. Even more, we completely removed the use of replaceable batteries. From now on you can charge your scarf via USB cables.


Can you see me now?


Electronic Textile Institute Berlin


EL Wire // Smart battery system

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