Berlin Graffiti

About This Project

At ElektroCouture we create ready-to-wear FashionTechnology experiences, which turns impressions into a wearable garment – and enables you to interact with your environment.

We always love to collaborate with great artists and bring them in a new context with technologies.

In this collection, we experimented with old industrial knitting machines – to a point where we’re now able to knit patterns and photos. With that we can transfer memories into a wearable experience. Additionally, we infuse our garments with light technology which includes our own smart battery system. This latest generation also has an audio sensor makes the light pulse in the beat of your environment.

This garment has been made with 80% bio merino wool, is fully washable and can be recharged with an USB Cable.


Cristoper Santos is not only our house photographer but also an amazing artist with whom we enjoy working a lot. Cristopher shares our love for Berlin and discovered a number of secret and cool places around the city with his camera. Some of his pictures we liked so much that we decided to turn them in wearable art.

And so we started to work with our knitting machines and design the first prototypes. This particular sweater used the picture of a graffiti wall in an abandoned building in Berlin. One of the ‘tags’ at the chest of the sweater glows and also has a sensor option where it pulses in the beat of its environment (eg. music or voices).

Imagine what a funny feeling this was for fabulous Cristopher to take a photo of his photo! Now we proudly present to you this fantastic piece of FashionTechnology – which everyone can wear!

Photo credits: Cristopher Santos, ElektroCouture
Makeup: Aveda


Cristoper Santos has been mentored by photographers in New York City, Mexico, and Canada and has been formally trained in fashion photography at the International Center of Photography in New York City, as well in Canada at the Red River College in Professional Photography. He is an artistic consultant for Stone Forest New York, a regular photo contributor to sisterMAG and digital publishing house Carry-On Publishing, and is a model & talent scout for Panache Model Management.

Christopher aims to inspire others to pursue their passion, and holds integrity to his work ethic and commitment to photography. He is known for his uplifting spirit and ease to work with on set and adaptability to any situation.


Berlin Graffiti

Collaboration with

Cristopher Santos


Hacked Knitted Machine // Glowing Wire // Smart Battery with Audio Sensor

Collections, ElektroCouture

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