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About This Project

Scarves are no longer an afterthought – they are crucial accessories that can accentuate your overall outfit and impart a stylish element to the whole ensemble. And when technological concepts are incorporated in a scarf, it is a given that this one is already a winner!

Main Features:

Notice anything extraordinary with the print? Yes, that’s right, it is the Berlin skyline patterned beautifully along the full length of the scarf.
The design is featured in black and white – the buildings, flags, and other structures embellished on the scarf in white, forms an excellent contrast with the pitch black base.

Light strips are embedded along the edges of the Berlin skyline, which look splendid when lit up – you can carry a piece of Germany’s cult capital and cultural center with you all the time.

Perfect gift item or souvenir to send your near and dear ones – they will applaud your taste in fashion.

The fabric is intricately stitched by talented artisans, so rest assured it won’t fall apart, tear, or snag.

Top quality material ensures good longevity even after using regularly – softness is retained, colors don’t fade, and durability is unaffected.

Extremely convenient – there are a simple “on” and “off” switches located in the corners of the scarf. When you see the lights getting dimmer, simply hook it up to a port, and recharge till the bright glow is restored.
Average glowing time: 4-6 hours. Charging time: approx. 1hr

Little maintenance required – the scarf is washable and can be safely cleaned with water.

Flaunt this incredible fashion infused, elektronic wearable technology from ElektroCoutre with confidence, poise, and élan! There are a number of ways to do it; drape it over a shoulder or double fold and wear around neck – you can surely come up with innovative styles of your own. So what are you waiting for? Please place your order now.


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Berlin Black & White




Knitwear // EL Wire // Smart battery

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