A Spark of Ada

About This Project

Technology is for geeks – this line is passe now! Finally, the world of fashion has joined hands with technology, and come up with brilliantly designed electronic clothing infused with stylish embellishments. This scarf is indeed spectacular!

Main Features:

This particular piece, aptly titled “The Spark of Ada” is dedicated to Ada Lovelace, the first female programmer, which imparts a definite vintage appeal.

It uses shades of black and white – two universal colors, which make a fantastic and dynamic combination, and goes well with other shades as well.

Made using soft but durable fabric, it feels comfy but will not snag or tear at the same time.
Made in Germany, 80% Merino Wool.

The pattern is an intriguing mix of both symmetrical and abstract prints that represent a programming interface, thereby adding to the enigma of electronic wearable technology.

Unique design – the thin lighting strip bordering the edges of the scarf emits a bright and vivid glow, making you a trendsetter of sorts.

Easy to maintain – the scarf is washable, so you can clean it from time to time without worrying about any sort of damage.

Extremely convenient – there are a simple “on” and “off” switches located in the corners of the scarf, – when you see the lights getting dimmer, simply hook it up to a port, and recharge till the bright glow is restored.
Average glowing time: 4-6 hours. Charging time: approx. 1hr

Exceptional longevity – The scarf retains its appearance and quality even after being worn repeatedly – the colors won’t fade at all.


A Spark of Ada




Knit Wear // EL-Wire // Smart Battery

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