Meet the Team

Forget Charlie's 3 angels. Meet the 3 angels of the ThePowerHouse.

Jokes aside, welcome to our wonderful and powerful team! We believe that a successful team is born from the combination of incredible people, who complete each other and help each other in all obstacles. We also believe that there is no better than a woman in leadership. We believe that everyone has their happy place and each professional has their passion, and we respect it.

This is our team. A small team, but capable of doing great things.

Our Executive Team

Joana Lacerda

Director of Impact & Business Strategies

Speaker Profile

Joana Lacerda is a Portuguese entrepreneur, activist and awarded impact enthusiast. She has a knack for connecting business and people, enabling companies and organizations to innovate, thrive and find new opportunities for growth. In 2017, Forbes recognized Joana as one of the brightest entrepreneurs, innovators and game-changers under the age of 30 who are transforming business as usual and changing the world in the Law and Policy category.

Sara Teixeira

Director of Marketing & Future Insights

Speaker Profile
Sara Teixeira is a young Portuguese woman who was born to do great things. With big dreams, her greatest passion in the area of marketing is to study consumer behavior and future market trends. She considers herself a person of the present, with her mind on the future. Sara has a master's degree in Marketing Management and a specialized thesis on Innovation and the Future of Luxury Fashion Retail. Sara's areas of specialization are Market Innovation, Future Thinking, Consumer Behavior, Luxury among many others.

Our Advisory Board