We’re always looking for bright, ambitious and innovative individuals who value a collaborative, open, stimulating and diverse environment. Whether you are an experienced professional or a rising star looking for a place to shine brighter, we would love to hear from you.

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Entry Level (Assistants & Interns)
Marketing & Social Media
Creative Technologist
Electric Engineering
Fashion Designer
Office Manager

Senior Level
Creative Technologists
Graphic Designer
Operations Managers 
Project Managers


ThePowerHouse is a leading innovation agency for FashionTech and wearable technology. We're an interdisciplinary team consisting of creative technologists, makers, and fashion designers.

Our work encompasses rapid prototyping, consulting, matchmaking and education. We love taking on challenges and ideas that have never been created before. We love pushing the boundaries of the status quo and designing for the future.


Fashion +      Technology +

Sewing Machines + Disco Balls +
Laser Cutters +
3D Printers

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