House of Brands


>>From creating the world’s first ready-to-wear fashiontech line to creating an international forum for innovative wearable technology, the House of Brands by ThePowerHouse is the leader for future innovation design technology services.<<


WE MAKE LIGHT WEARABLE. Internationally acclaimed glowing fashiontech couture brand. We’re collaborating with international fashion designers and bring technology and high-luxury design together for the real world.

The Studio

LET’S MAKE IT REAL. Prototyping and innovation centre for fashiontech, internet of things (IOT) and wearable technology. In our space, technologist and designers come together to invent the future of clothing and materials., changing form and factor.

The Academy

THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION. We’re providing regular interdisciplinary classes joining technology and design together. Our experts will introduce you to the basics of sewing, 3D printing and modelling, laser-cutting and pattern making, electronics and soft circuits.

The Lab

MATERIAL INNOVATION. A platform to innovate and develop ideas for new materials, interactivity and life-cycles for textiles. Our tools are bacteria, mushrooms, algae and any other bio-agent to promote the idea of sustainability through bio-mimicry/bio-hacking for garments.

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Our collections

TOGETHER WE’RE STRONGER. Collaborations are the key to success in this new industry of wearable technology and fashiontech. We not only develop concepts for the future – we actually build them for real. Check out our huge collection of innovative designs here.

powerhouse technology

Latest Projects

STAY AHEAD OF THE CROWD. Find all our latest news and releases in our stories blog. We’re active all over the world and you can always meet us at events. And while you’re there, check out our customers stories and projects and future innovation concepts.

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