>>We have to find a way to make it glow.<< — Marlene Dietrich


The Marlene Dietrich Project

In 1958, Marlene Dietrich dreamed a wearable technology vision before her time. The German actress envisioned a dress with lights and flowers to create an effect that would “puzzle the people.” In 2017 ElektroCouture would collaborate with designer Anja Dragan, Forster Rohner, and Swarovski to make her dream finally come true. Read the whole story here.


Nuit Blance

Inspired by the White Nights – nights that are never completely dark, ElektroCouture worked together with Anja Dragan to push the boundaries of design and technology. 336 LEDs embroidered in haute couture material, interactive technology and a fairytale design: and you can look pretty and smart at the same time! Get inspired and watch the video here.


The Berlin Coat

The ready-to-wear experience is finally available! The Berlin Coat starts with the idea of the old industrial knitting machines and ends with modern technology that now allows the knitting of complicated patterns and precise photos. Used as a way of transferring memories into a physical item of clothing, the coat captures the image one sees when flying into Berlin at night.
Check out more pictures here!

frozen necklace from the powerhouse


With this concept we married our love for laser cutting, ArtDeco and LEDs into one product. Inspired by the classical and time-less Artdeco jewellery design in the 1920s and 30s we created a new and more current version using mirrored-effect acrylics. It’s like math in pretty – and now available to order. Check out the product video here.


Our collections

TOGETHER WE’RE STRONGER. Collaborations are the key to success in this new industry of wearable technology and fashiontech. We’re not only develop concepts for the future – we actually build them for real. Check out our huge collection of innovative designs here.


Latest Projects

STAY AHEAD OF THE CROWD. Find all our latest news and releases in our stories blog. We’re active all over the world and you can always meet us at events. And while you’re there, check out our customers stories and projects and future innovation concepts.

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