Join us at Bauhaus 4.0 – apply for Prototyping for the Future!

Germany is celebrating the centennial anniversary of the Bauhaus this year and to mark this special occasion an international design competition called, “beyond bauhaus – prototyping the future” is being held. Award prizes will be given to twenty innovative design concepts that focus on social issues and more specifically on making this “world a healthier, fairer, more sustainable and better place.”

This competition is seeking projects from prototypes in the development stage to projects that have already been implemented; including basic research and materials science to product design, fashion, architecture, urban development, mobility and future technologies (for example: coding software or 3D printing processes).

There is a jury that will select the winners and our Founder & CEO, Lisa Lang, is one of the international members. Once the winners of the competition have been selected, prizes will be presented in Berlin at the end of August.

“I wanted to support this competition because I really believe in the need to create a more sustainable future and not just talking about more sustainable fashion but implementing sustainability in all stages of life,” said Lisa Lang.

The German Foreign Federal Office, Lotto Stiftung Berlin and SAP SE are supporting this competition and for more information and to submit a project, please visit