LAUNCH: Siemens avantgarde – Recreate the everyday

How to make a washing machine wearable? We got invited by Siemens home appliance to deconstruct their latest washing machine for their ‘recreate the everyday‘ campaign. For us, washing machines are like fashiontech devices – imagine, what we could do together as friends!

For the development of the design we invited our former fashiontech designer-in-residence, Anja Dragan to the project. She worked with us previously for other glowing projects like Nuit Blanche and #MarleneGlows. Anja brought her avantgarde perspective to the Siemens project –  inspired by the blue light and the shapes of the washing machine, she came up with this glowing result. Thanks to the graphic design support Kathleen Galbraith from VWolfe Art Berlin, we even animated the concept! You can see more of Kathleen’s work in our stargazer concept.


And don’t miss out to watch our hilarious outtakes (yes, we learned how to dress a doll after all ;))