The Berlin Project : A pioneering FashionTech capsule collection

The Berlin Project : A pioneering FashionTech capsule collection

Have you ever witnessed the city of Berlin glow at night? Especially if you look at it from the sky above. We bet you would fall in love with each corner of it. The Berlin Project, a pioneering high-end FashionTech capsule collection by ElektroCouture captures the image of the beautiful city one sees when flying into Berlin at night.

Infused with extra-fine Oekotex-certified Merino Wool, the lightweight garments are knitted on one of our hacked Jacquard machines. The pattern shows the Berlin citymap, graphically stylised and pixelated. The collection is multi-sex and can be worn by all genders.

Look pretty and smart at the same time with this collection that makes you glow – whether on the streets of your city or in an indoor event! The glowing LEDs built-in this fine fabric are washable too! The Berlin Project comprises The Berlin Coat, Sweaters, Scarves, Jumpers and The Journey of Light. Check out the details on our collections page.

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TPH Editor

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