Happy 3rd Birthday, ElektroCouture!

Happy 3rd Birthday, ElektroCouture!

Today, ElektroCouture turns three years old. What was once just a spark of an idea has grown into an enormous flame and keeps on burning bright. To commemorate this special occasion, ElektroCouture founder Lisa Lang sat down with fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco of Electric Runway to look at the past, present, and future of fashion tech.


Let’s All Glow

ElektroCouture started with the mission to make light wearable. In the early days, light was a first and obvious way to show the concept of technology integrated into fashion. Where other LED and el-wire garments on the market felt gimmicky, Lisa differentiated herself from the beginning by making her line of jackets and accessories both couture and commercially available. In 2015, ElektoCouture became the first wearable technology company to be carried in ASOS, one of the world’s largest online fashion sites. As ElektroCouture grew, so did its reputation as a leader in this space. Many creatives from around the world flocked to the company to learn more about not only how to create but also commercialize fashion technology, and Lisa has taken them under her wing.

It’s not Kindergarten Anymore

“The mindset of the market has changed,” says Lisa. “When I started three years ago, a lot of people asked me ‘why.’ As in, ‘why should we fuse fashion and technology?’ Now, they only ask me ‘how.’ Today, people are beginning to understand.”

Looking Back

Over the past three years, ElektroCouture has brought together artists, engineers, makers, and brands to evolve what’s possible in wearables, IoT, connected clothing and beyond. Memorable milestones include co-curating Lakme Fashion Week, a glowing runway show in India put on in partnership with Lakmé Cosmetics in 2016. The same year, ElektroCouture helped launch Telekom Fashion Fusion, an ideas competition to encourage groundbreaking ideas in the fashion tech space.

Most recently, ElektroCouture worked with Swavorski to bring to life a fashion tech vision twenty-five years in the making. The Marlene Project was a special tribute dress to the German actress and singer Marlene Detrich. The dress includes thousands of crystals and LEDs that are programmed to glow along with her songs. Learn more about the Marlene Project here.


The Brand Had Babies

As ElektroCouture grew, it started to develop other initiatives and sub-brands, including the designer-in-residence program and the technologist-in-residence program in #TheStudio.


Making Fashion Tech for Real

While others in the industry focused on concepts and one-offs, Lisa remained steadfast in her focus on bringing real-world projects to life. Out of her direct interaction with designers and clients, she realized the enormous potential for fashion technology beyond just glowing. “As much as I love LEDs, fashion tech isn’t just about glowing,” she says. She started to turn her attention towards other innovations, including smart fashion, microchips, and biotech.

It was then Lisa realized her services and expertise exceeded the scope of ElektroCouture’s mission to make light wearable. While ElektroCouture would keep on glowing, Lisa needed a bigger, bolder brand to encompass her new work and the trajectory of the industry.


Introducing ThePowerHouse 

Out of this exclusive interview came the announcement of what’s next for ElektroCouture and the introduction of ThePowerHouse. “What we’ve realized is that all of our customers have different needs. They require bespoke design solutions for their unique problems,” says Lisa. ThePowerHouse will be a B2B umbrella brand for custom projects in wearables, smart fashion, internet of things, and more. By leveraging in-house expertise and the company’s networks, ThePowerHouse will deliver on projects that fuse not only fashion and technology, but also design and innovation.  “It may have started with fashion technology, but what we’re looking at is so much more.”



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