Fusing Fashion and Technology at Telekom Fashion Fusion

In 2016, Deutsche Telekom approached us to curate an ideas competition to encourage groundbreaking ideas in the fashion tech space. This first-of-its kind competition aimed at fostering innovation and collaboration across industries and sectors. The mission was to design relevant, functional, sustainable and —above all— smart fashion with added value for the wearer.

More than 100 designers from 25 countries submitted applications for the chance to work in #TheStudio with us to develop their concepts. The program was announced in the summer of 2016. By August 16, 2016, a jury of industry representatives had narrowed submissions down to twelve finalists. The selected projects pushed the boundaries of what we traditionally think of as fashion by leveraging leading technologies, including 3D printing, augmented reality, and even drones.

We worked in tandem with Intel, WIRED Germany, Adidas, and Premium Exhibition International Fashion Trade Show to bring the competition to life. By identifying and working with up-and-coming designers as well as company stakeholders, we were able to play the role of matchmaker, bridging the gap between corporate interest and grassroot talent. After three months earning effectively their masters in #FashionTech, the finalists showed off their projects at a special presentation and awards ceremony in Berlin.

The FashionTech industry needs a large investment to create tangible and feasible concepts. ThePowerHouse brings together the best minds in design and innovation to bring fashion technology projects and initiatives to life. To learn about our curating and accelerator services, follow the link (link to services page or contact forum to be inserted here-)