ElektroCouture glows in the latest Berlin issue of Modelab Magazine

On a recent Sunday afternoon, the Swarovski crystals, as always, were shining bright on The Marlene Dietrich Dress. The same day we welcomed the editorial team of Modelab Mag from Paris in our Studio. ThePowerHouse in Bikini Berlin was the the main venue for the magazine’s photoshoot on a special edition ‘Fashion in Berlin’ for February 2018.

These pictures from the photoshoot will give you a glimpse of some of our glowing designs. When you pick up the edition, you will see The Marlene Dress and Nuit Blanche Dress presented by ElektroCouture and here is a glance of the photoshoot as well. 

Almost seventy years ago, the world famous icon Marlene Dietrich dreamt of glowing wearable technology and her idea indeed was ahead of time. The actress envisioned a dress with lights and flowers to create an effect that would “puzzle the people.” Years later, ElektroCouture collaborated with Forster Rohner Textile Innovations and Swarovski to bring Marlene’s vision to life.

The other dress Nuit Blanche is inspired by the White Nights – nights that are never completely dark. The dress is lit with 336 Osram LEDs. The technology integrates active lighting on fabrics that can be washed, draped or ironed and have therefore all the properties needed for garment production. The piece is powered by a hidden rechargeable battery.

The Modelab issue also focuses on FashionTech in Berlin, and we are the frontrunners in this space where we define trends for the industry. Read our latest article on FashionTech trends for 2018 here

But why did a magazine from Paris choose to come to Berlin? Fabrice explains to us, “For  David Bowie, who lived in Berlin from 1976 to 1978, The German capital is the greatest  cultural extravagance you can imagine’. Today, more than 40 years after this superb assertion and the fall of the Wall, Berlin remains a European hub for the avant-gardists of the entire world  keeping in mind its softness of life, a real estate always accessible and a punk spirit always intact.”

He adds that perhaps this is the real asset of this city; to make of its inheritance an evolutionary base which freezes nothing in the marble for centuries, to know how to mix the sobriety of the creative scene of  20 years , with the austere rigours of the reformation, and by sprinkling the whole thing with techno rave.

Pick up your copy of the magazine to have a  closer look at our designs and an exclusive interview with our Founder Lisa Lang, where she speaks about FashionTech in Berlin.  

( The photoshoot was organised by Modelab Magazine. Photography: Sandra Ebert, Photo-Assistant: Daniel Schwarzer and Video Edit: Maxime Dos)