ElektroCouture brings Swarovski Crystals and 3D Printing together

Within a month of moving into our new Studio in Bikini Berlin, we organised an exclusive FashionTech  workshop at Bikini Berlin during Design Mile 2017. While Bikini Berlin booked us for the FashionTech workshop, we developed the concepts and partnerships. With the support of Swarovski, who provided a large collection of different crystals, and in collaboration with Formlabs and their high-resolution 3D printers, visitors were provided with all the tools they needed to develop their own creations.  

With over 100 people attending , we emphasised on the fact how one can create captivatingly beautiful jewellery creations from a 3D printer. The workshop gave an idea of what the jewellery of the future could look like. The ElektroCouture team presented its futuristic jewellery design concept and ground-breaking future design technology. Using the high-resolution 3D printers by Formlabs, we demonstrated how turning fascinating jewellery designs into a reality. 

Visitors witnessed the creation of various pieces of jewellery and decorative items live and were made equipped to follow their journey in real time – all the way from the design to the finished item. Under the guidance of the experienced ElektroCouture team, the participants could integrate light elements into the pieces of jewellery and adorn their creations with real crystals provided by Swarovski Professional in an interactive FashionTech workshop.

If you would like to book us for a workshop, please write to us at hello@thepowerhouse.group.

(Image Courtesy: Bikini Berlin)