Designers from Fashion Council Germany and H&M Fellowship Programme visit ThePowerhouse

The future is not only about bringing technology and fashion together, but it is also about designers being well versed in both. Hence, we at ThePowerHouse never miss a chance to meet young designers and share our knowledge and stories with them. In the December of 2017, a group of designers from the Fellowship Programme of the Fashion Council Germany and H&M visited our Studio at ThePowerHouse in Bikini Berlin for a workshop and spent time with our Founder Lisa Lang. Lisa was one of the mentor jury members, who selected them for the fellowship. German designers, who founded their labels one to five years ago were eligible to apply for the fellowship. They applied for the support programmes in the categories of womenswear, menswear, women’s and menswear.

Nina Vollman from Fashion Council Germany who visited TheStudio with the designers said they were really amazed by the new Studio. “Meeting mentors like Lisa is always immensely inspiring for our designers. During the workshop at ThePowerHouse, our designers worked with the laser cutting machines, 3D printers and became aware of other elements of fashion technology like use of LEDs in clothing. Fashion Technology is the future and necessary for a stronger focus on sustainability. Though FashionTech is at a nascent stage and has not reached mass consumption state, it has a lot of potential. So, it is important for young designers to learn about it.”

Nina added that members of the Fashion Council Network are specialists and meeting them helps young designers to further streamline their skills. “We try to connect creative people throughout our network. We help the designers in all possible ways such as introducing them to tax advisors, guiding them to use social media for expanding presence, organizing workshops for sales training, and providing expertise on how to run a successful Fashion Show,” she shared.

The protégés of the programme are supported by the extensive network of the Fashion Council Germany and the members of its mentoring jury. Besides Lisa Lang, other members, of the mentoring jury included Nicola Knels, Fashion Director VOGUE Germany; Roel de Cooman, Head of Sales Adidas Style Collaborations (EMEA) Heberlein & Maurer ag on behalf of Adidas AG; Phil Gaedicke, Managing Director BAM and co-founder of SOTO store, and Konstantin Spachis, Deputy Fashion Director MADAME.