Bringing Marlene Dietrich’s #FashionTech Vision to Life

Bringing Marlene Dietrich’s #FashionTech Vision to Life

Almost seventy years ago, Marlene Dietrich dreamed a wearable technology vision before her time. The German actress envisioned a dress with lights and flowers to create an effect that would “puzzle the people.” Years later, ElektroCouture would collaborate with designer Anja Dragan, Forster Rohner, and Swarovski to bring the vision to life.

“My dear sweethearts,” Dietrich addressed her costume designers in a letter, “We have to find a way to have the dress glow.” What was clear from her writings is that she wanted a dress for her stage performances—one that was interactive and dazzling. “[The People] will no know if they imagined the lights, or if they are there,” Dietrich wrote. Of course, the technology didn’t exist at the time, and as such, Dietrich never got to realize her dream dress.

In 2017, twenty-five years after the actress’ death, the House of ElektroCouture was able to collaborate with our network of creatives and strategic partners to create Dietrich’s dress. We called the project #MarleneGlows, and it’s an illuminated tribute to the Berlin-born performer’s life and work.

Creating the dress required a combination of new technology and traditional handiwork. In addition to working with tulle and embroidery, the dress leverages 3D printing and laser cutting and includes 151 LEDS and 2371 specifically developed crystals from Swavorski. The dress glows in various patterns to match Dietrich’s different songs.

#MarleneGlows is a perfect example of how ThePowerHouse collaborates with designers and brands to make #FashionTech dreams a reality. While ThePowerHouse has capabilities in several areas (smart fashion, internet of things, etc.) the House of ElektroCouture is specifically focused on garments that glow. Have a project you want to illuminate with us? Get in touch.

TPH Editor

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