A lookback at the FashionTech exhibition curated by ElektroCouture at Bikini Berlin

In July last year, concept shopping mall Bikini Berlin opened its doors to a FashionTech exhibition lead by us. We, at ElektroCouture, were invited to curate fifteen elaborate FashionTech concepts. From designs that glow in the dark to 3D printed materials, each design demonstrated how one can seamlessly blend technology into any masterpiece.

Among other designs, we presented our evergreen The Marlene Dress created in collaboration with Swarovski and our latest Vision Quest Collection designed by Joanna Hir. Vision Quest is a couture collection for men that combines modern designs with elements of technology. Each design of the collection is refined by light that stands for enlightenment – the main theme of this collection. The technology used is bright color, EL Wire, EL Panel, LED Matrix and an EEG, which is integrated in the headgear and measures brainwaves.

BAI MAI bag by Issaree Duangkae

Another highlight of the exhibition was the work from our designers in the FashionTechAcademy.  Last year, ElekroCouture & the FashionTechAcademy teamed up with the Goethe-Institut Thailand and FabCafe Bangkok  and trained the first generation of FashionTech designers in Asia. The top three designers of the training (Nicole Lao Ong, Nuttakat Khunkhon and Issaree Dunagkhae) then got invited by ElektroCouture to present at the Exhibition organised by us. Issaree Duangkae from Thailand designed the BAI MAI bag. It’s a NEOpixel bag made from LED screen, that allows you to change your bag pattern in four different modes by just pushing one button. Nuttakat Khunkhong, the designer who conceptualised the  “LGBT coat” says that the inspiration for his work comes from the LGBT community in Thailand, “I studied in Japan for two years and there I realised that Asian countries are not very open to LGBT communities.” Thirdly, Universole designed by Nicole Lao Ong from Philippines is an idea for less affluent children – a sandal that grows with your foot. Produced from sustainable and affordable materials, Universole grows up to four shoe sizes and gives children the chance to go through life with good shoes.

Our founder Lisa Lang with designers from Goethe-Institut Thailand

The other dresses at the exhibition included The K-Lapse Dress which combines biotechnology with fashion. It consists of “vegan leather”, which was obtained from fermented tea. To produce this design, the designer nourished and nurtured the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) with sugar and organic tea. The dress is an inaugural project of TheLab by ElektroCouture where scientists and designers co-create to build a platform for science and story-telling through fashion.

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(Image Courtesy for picture 1 and 2 : Bikini Berlin)